Sustainable Employees Increase Productivity!

Prosperous employees are the best foundation for profitability and productivity. They take your organisation to the next level. Preactly highlights the factors that contribute to a sustainable working life and an attractive organisation.


Deliver at work and keep your health in the long run?

Efficiency and energy for people come and go in waves over time. Sometimes up and sometimes down. It’s about the Employee Engagement. With the right HR tools it’s easier to manage the business. An employee survey is not enough. Give employees insights and create good commitment to find what is important to work with.

This is how it works

Preactly is a Digital Health Management and Work Environment Tool. Through research-based question modules, the organisation’s strengths, development areas and which parts the employees want to improve and prioritize are identified.

We chart the underlying factors that create well-being. The employees are involved to a great extent and receive personal insights and reflections directly in the tool.


Each employee receives real-time feedback with insights and can
prioritize areas.


Evaluate results, analyze and plan. Capture trends, compare
different workgroups.


Create action plan with goals/desired position. Check activities that are
carried out.


Smart app

Preactly offers Innovative Digital Work Environment Tools online. Through the user-friendly application, you can easily invite employees for surveys in areas where the organisation wants to check the situation.

In a more advanced admin part, managers and HR staff receive the necessary feedback at a higher level as decision support. Automatic action plans are created directly in the tool with suggestions for measures.

A few words from users…

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Fredrik Lindroos

CEO, Innovation Park

“Preactly has given us insights for the employees and highlight areas that the staff want to improve. The tool has given a new dimension to HR work ”

Kristine Seger

Controller, Paper Province

“With the help of the tool, we have highlighted areas for improvement and had good discussions and reflections. The team has jointly come up with improvements and the tool makes it fun to work with these important issues ”


A Sustainable Workplace

We believe that people are the most important resource in any organisation. Then it becomes natural that we need sustainable people to get sustainable organisations.

It is not always easy to put your finger on what leads to well-being in the long term, so our tool helps to create the necessary insights at both the individual level and for the organisation..

Preactly is an innovative digital work environment and health service that also enables employees and employers to work together on Health Prevention.

A Digital Health Management Tool quite simply.

Increased self-leadership

Preactly is based on the humanistic perspective on health, which is about the individual’s experience of their well-being and the National Institute of Public Health’s definition of health promotion work as the process that gives people the opportunity to increase control and influence over their health.

We place great focus on examining experiences of life and that the tool should contribute to the health-promoting work – not just provide a picture of the current situation. An important part is the built-in analysis that provides immediate personal feedback and guides the user to active choices.

Do you want to start up Preactly at your workplace and get HR tools for a great Employee Experience?

Now is the time to shift up the conditions for a prosperous organisation with sustainable employees. Contact us for more information about what Preactly can do for you or book a demo immediately. If you are still hesitant, feel free to check out our tips and inspirational insights in our knowledge bank.


We often react quite late when something is not right, and we are forced to act afterwards with various fire extinguishers. Instead of waiting to act when a symptom is a fact, Preactly provides early insights into the situation.

Challenges at work…

Problems that some people experience at work can be a lack of employee involvement, high sickness absence, key competence leavers and thoughts about whether the company uses the right competence in the right place.

Why start with Preactly?

Work coaching and prevention

Give employees the conditions to succeed and reach their potential

Build team spirit, together and with a focus on the wholeness

Results for organisation

Increased profitability and productivity

Reduced staff turnover

Improved leadership skills

Results for employees

Increased commitment

Increased well-being

The opportunity to influence