Check on situation with a user-friendly system

When focus on the work environment, what can it mean for the development of your business? To work preventively? It can be difficult to keep track of how everyone is feeling and what needs to be done to be an attractive workplace.

Preactly offers a smart service for mapping underlying factors that create well-being. The service is not a general survey tool but is based on research-based question modules. There are modules for both work and lifestyle.


Continuous improvements

A modern organisation should always work on improvement work and strive to have prosperous employees. The Preactly model involves a process of survey, analysis, planning, improvement and follow-up that takes place regularly.


For the Employee

The service examines the employee’s experience of the current situation and provides immediate feedback on results with valuable insights.

The employee can choose and prioritize which areas are most important to improve. Employees can also specify a desired position and specify their own activities to achieve improvements.


For the Organisation

Preactly is built so that you can use it completely on your own where you yourself measure one or more modules regularly. The implementation is flexible.

The team creates a joint action plan with strengths, weaknesses and the parts the employees want to see improvements in. All based on the group’s common insights.

Managers can analyze their unit’s results. Capture trends and challenges. Risk assessment and suggestions for activities and exercises are included, which are also follow-up.


Start with a broader Survey

Forget four short questions every Friday. We recommend taking work environment more seriously. Start with a broader survey the first time for a good starting point. And then you can choose to make pulse measurements regularly on the different modules you choose to focus on. We have modules for work environment and lifestyle, we look at the complete scope.

Add a digital inspiration lecture to inspire employees before you start.


Work environment, Lifestyle

Preactly examines employees’ experience of 19 different work environment-related factors that affect our well-being and that are long-term health-promoting. The 19 factors are divided into 6 modules depending on how they interact and to create flexibility in the use of the tool. For lifestyle (the whole of life) there are another 6 modules.


The Employee

Employees receive a link with instructions for conducting the survey. The questions focus on experiences and can be answered quickly.

The employee is encouraged to prioritize and choose areas in which they are happy to see improvements. As a respondent, no login is required to participate in a survey that is completely anonymous (it is possible, however, to create a login to activate a personal action plan with activities and follow results over time).


Insights through Statistics and Reports

Report function provides trends over time. What has improved and what shows declining values? Filter on different background variables and metadata. Here, the parts of the organisation that work well and those that need to be developed are identified. Strengths and development potential are listed, as well as the areas that employees want to develop and prioritize.


Action Plan with Goals and Follow-up Measures

Well, now we’ve done a survey and have a result. What do we do now? Here many fail when they do not act. Here it is important to assess risk and create an action plan.

We recommend that the organisation do a workshop and take part in the tool’s support. Each manager works with his or her group. The tool automatically creates a basis for action plan based on each group’s response. The group then chooses exactly what the team should focus on. They set goals for each area and create activities. The tool also provides suggestions for activities, measures and exercises for different areas.

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