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Work environment, sustainable working life, employee engagement, employee experience and employee surveys

Read more in articles below about measuring work environment and lifestyle factors and how to improve the work environment in the workplace. All to create a sustainable employeeship and sustainable working life with high employee engagement and active employeeship.

Employee Experience and Sustainable Employees

Awareness of what creates good health at work is a prerequisite for being able to act before it is too late. This is important for the organisation and also for the individual.

To lead at a distance and the employees’ experience when working remotely

The rate of change in office environments has so far not been as high as the development of the work environment in industry. Now, however, with digitalisation and automation, we will begin to be seen more here as well. 

Why avoid to design your own Employee Survey

Examining the employee experience is important for most employers and is often done with some form of employee survey. It can be tempting to design the employee survey yourself so that it feels adapted to the business, but there are several pitfalls in it.

7 steps for a health-promoting work environment and great employee experience

A clear organisation with clear goals and expectations of everyone is fundamental to feel good at work. Clarity can be about goals, tasks, responsibilities, powers and priorities.

What makes us feel happy at work?

With the demands for flexibility and quick actions in today’s working life and many work roles with a lot of personal freedom, clarity becomes even more important.

Physical and Digital Work Environment

People often talk about organisational and social work environment in connection with mental well-being, but also physical and digital work environment affects our health.

Do not stumble upon your next employee survey

There are some common challenges with employee surveys and pulse surveys that are seen recurring in different organisations. We discuss below the employee survey’s typical pitfalls that you need to know and navigate through.

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With modern work environment tools and HR tools, you can identify work environment problems and create a positive work environment. This builds sustainable employees and sustainable organisations.