Price plans Comparison

We have packaged Preactly in several levels. Below is a comparison of what is included in these levels for the service. “Work” concerns the work environment and our more extended “Work & Life” version also includes lifestyle questions. For extended admin features add the “Plus module” separately.

In addition to this, there are some individual options that are possible to make. Do not hesitate to contact us if there are any concerns.

SurveyWorkWork & Life
Unlimited number of surveys
Unlimited number of employees (according to agreement)
Work Environment question modules
Lifestyle question modules
eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score)*add on*add on
SEE (Sustainable Employee Engagement)*add on*add on
Automatic reminders to respondents
Language (English/Swedish)
Standard metadata (age, gender)
Custom metadata (eg employment time, location)*plus*plus
Organizational structure*plus*plus
Create survey based on file import*plus*plus
Metadata as background variables (that respondent does not have to answer metadata questions, but they are still in the background)*plus*plus
Response rate during and after examination
Overview response rate at organizational levels*plus*plus
Participate anonymously
Opportunity to create login account
Report for their own results
Follow-up action plan for employees
Unlimited number of administrators
Dashboard for overall statistics
Semi-automatic action plan for organization
Suggestions for actions, exercises
Real-time reports
Comparisons over time and reports
Segmentation in reports based on standard metadata
Segmentation in reports based on custom metadata*plus*plus
Export of survey to excel*plus*plus
Printing reports
Support for two-factor verification
GDPR compliant
Data is saved within Sweden
Follows safety standards and recommendations
Opportunity for extended privacy protection (number of respondents who appear in the report is pre-selected at least 6, but can be increased)
Customer support
Implementation support*add on*add on
Extra training*add on*add on
Customizations and integration*add on*add on

*plus is included if you have selected the Work and/or Life module and also choose the plus module.

*add on can be selected individually. Price according to quote and scope.

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