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To lead at a distance and the employees’ experience when working remotely

The rate of change in office environments has so far not been as high as the development of the work environment in industry. Now, however, with digitalisation and automation, we will begin to be seen more here as well. Covid-19 has accelerated the change in working methods even more, where digital technology gives employees the opportunity to work in new ways – remote, hybrid, and in-office workers. How do you track the employee experience?


Distance Leadership and Sustainable Employees

By Jeanette Köster, about 2 minutes reading

With remote work comes a freedom that is demanded by many, but which also makes working life limitless. Independence and flexibility are things that are increasingly in demand, especially by the younger generation. Of course, leading at a distance affects the employer’s opportunities to keep track of how employees feel and experience their situation in the traditional way. We are seeing more and more employers who, with increased distance leadership, are looking for tools to support this. The concept of a prosperous workplace and sustainable employees must also work when working from home.

Jeanette skriver om distansarbete och arbetsmiljöarbete

Sustainable employees at a distance

With more remote work, most people understand that they have a completely new work environment now and that they need to work together with the employees in it. What many ask is, for example, how they can measure the experience of homework, but one must ask how relevant it is to measure just that. It is rather about being able to capture what works and not in a work situation that will continuously change, to find efforts that can improve in the current situation. Knowing only how many people enjoy working at home does not provide such a good basis for decision-making, but we need to know what works and not so we can find reasons or pay early attention to risks to work constructively with, but also know what we should continue to do well. Otherwise, there is a risk that we only capture attitudes to things. A workplace strategy for the home office is needed.


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When it comes to how work situations will change, our future exploration is that Covid-19 will lead to the activity-based working method expanding more and more with a focus on the right aids that work for the task, more shared work tools that work for the activity and that the working methods become faster and more agile. And we can already see that the focus on sustainable employees will increase, which will be a necessary success factor in the change.

During the corona crisis, Preactly has also seen a need among self-employed people to be able to reflect more in their work situation and further developed the tool for this. Traditionally, business development support has been a lot about looking at companies’ needs, but we see that what usually comes first is finding a well-functioning work situation for the entrepreneur.

Feel free to read more about our research-based work environment tool and how we can support your business with the prerequisites for good distance leadership.

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