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Awareness of what creates good health at work is a prerequisite for being able to act before it is too late. This is important for the organisation and also for the individual.


Employee Experience and Sustainable Employees

By Jeanette Köster, about 5 minutes reading

As the labor market and working life change at an ever – increasing pace, new demands is set to maintain good health and also increase the focus on active employeeship. With today’s increasing ill health and regulations that focus on preventive environment work, the issue of sustainable employees is increasingly high on the agenda. People should simply not have to get sick because of work and we can prevent it in many cases. Today, there is knowledge about the causes that underlie work-related ill health in today’s working life. The more insights and understanding the individual himself has for how life can affect his own well-being in the long term, the greater the conditions for acting well. It is important to create commitment in the workplace.

Medarbetarengagemang bygger hållbara medarbetare och ett aktivt medarbetarskap
Employee Engagement AND Experience

To measure Employee Experience

The employer and the employees should work together to create a good working environment. The employer has the formal responsibility, but the employee, the staff can participate in the work environment work by, for example, proposing measures and leaving comments on what has been carried out, in an active partnership. Participation is a very important aspect of the social work environment. This increases employee engagement and the employee experience is improved. At the same time, we have an increasingly time-constrained existence. Then it becomes important to have tools or working methods that in a simple and structured way make it possible to collect proposals for measures on what is actually important for the well-being of the employees. This is where many people miss today, we act on figures on the current situation without knowing how important it is, a low figure does not automatically mean that this is most relevant to work with in terms of improvement.


Four questions every Friday is not enough

It is important to measure the right things to be able to find relevant things to act on, that is, think about what the purpose is. Today, it has become popular to measure employee engagement in various ways with pulse surveys. An “employee temperature”. It can provide good answers to joy and team spirit, but if the purpose is to review the root causes that affect well-being in the long term, a few questions a week are seldom enough. Sometimes is pulse survey good, but not as the only tool. Nor can one expect differences in results in such a short term if it is structural things that need to change. Sometimes we also confuse commitment and well-being. There are two different things, but what they have in common is that they are prerequisites for high productivity. To work with a health prevention perspective, we need to go a little deeper.


Good Heath Management Tools/HR-tech

If we forget to start from the employees’ desired situation and instead focus only on the organisational desired situation, it is easy that our efforts do not lead to the sustainable employees we want. Employee involvement also risks being reduced. Through an effective HR tool, everyone who actually wants to see improvements is actively involved in an active collaboration. There are great benefits to working digitally with online tools for pulse measurement and temperature measurement; it gives everyone the opportunity to express themselves, both those who need more time to think and those who do not take as much space in a physical group dialogue.

If the tool also actually creates value for the employee who participates, by increasing awareness of their own well-being, the willingness to contribute increases, an increased employee commitment simply. In a sustainable employee relationship, the employee is directly involved in contributing to the planning step, where the employees make a larger part of the work, so that the follow-up work is simplified and reduced. Specifically, it can be about contributing to the work with action plans for the work environment. By using one of the best work environment tools on the market, you reach so much further in the employee’s commitment and for the entire organisation’s development. A lot will happen in the HR-tech area for employee engagement in 2021 and 2022, it’s not just about a traditional employee survey anymore. Finally, value-creating tools are in place to build a prosperous workplace with less work environment problems and increased job satisfaction and a sustainable working life.


Employee Survey, measure staff satisfaction?

There are great benefits to Preactly and our concept that positively strengthens your organisation’s employer brand. We measure employee satisfaction and are so much more than a traditional employee survey. Our service can also be used to support employee interviews. Feel free to read more about our tool and how we can support your business with the conditions for good employee engagement. Also read more about our functions and our tool for creating the best employee engagement with you and an active employee!

FACT: Employee Engagement

Three ways to increase the employee’s commitment and get more out of the environment work

  1. Take employee engagement seriously. Examine what is actually important for employees to do something about, not just how the current situation is experienced.
  2. Give reflections back to the employee on how factors in the work environment affect well-being to create insights and contribute to wanting to act.
  3. Take part in the employees’ desired situation and engage them in participating through an active partnership where you develop your own measures for improvements.

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